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~Welcome to Ephemeral~

Ephemeral meaning short lived; is a guild in honor of the short lived dynasty Wei. It was founded on 27.10.2010; and since then we have had some amazing personalities enter the guild; all of which I consider great team-mates and friends. When being commited to a guild you find people leave; and to those fellow few who have left the guild; we wish you the best and thank you for your contributions.
Over experiences we may not be one of the most liked guilds in Wei according to some; yet rumours wont stop our stride [ Yeah that's right Ephemeral isn't short lived; and our ambitions wont be stopped]
Our aim is to work together; a happy guild is a guild that will get far; we don't really care for guild rank all that much; we put in the effort to get far but we don't expect to be first [Sure a little competition never hurts C:] We want to improve ourselves together and with  the help of others; also helping those who need it. Lastly to serve Wei.  [ Cao Cao: Damn right! If you didn't say that I would have beheaded you all -inserts smiley face and gives a toast to Ephemeral] xD.

    Thank you for reading~!

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This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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Currently have spots avaliable for new members;
-Must be active
-Friendly, loyal and commited
-Not a firestarter; in other terms no causing drama
-Basic ingame knowledge
You will be required to have fun; learn and grow with Ephemeral and it's members
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